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For five consecutive years, GOLFZON simulators have been chosen by Golf Digest Editors’ Choice as the best golf simulators on the market. 

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GOLFZON Driving Range

Fine tune your golf swing and performance with GOLFZONS accurate analytics and performance system that pin points your area of improvement.

Key Features

GOLFZONS unique and directional Moving Swing Plate matches the actual slope and lie of the course. Three hitting mats that simulate fairway green, rough, and sand further give you the experience of a real golf course. GOLFZON Auto Tee-Up automatically collects and dispenses golf balls at adjustable tee heights for each shot. 

Play Over 200 Courses

Play over 200 world-class courses from all over the world in vivid detail including St. Andrews Links, Pebble Beach, PGA National GC, Mission Hills courses and many more.

A Truly Realistic Experience

Combining HD images and topographic aerial photographs, GOLFZON gives you the most realistic experience in a round of simulated golf with natural sounds of birds chirping, trees rustling, and bunker and hazard shots. 
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Play Mode

In Driving Center, use every club in the bag to fine-tune your swing, ball-striking, ball flight and distance. In Skill Test Mode, play a round of golf with three attempts for each shot. The indicators at the top center of the screen show successful or failed attempts. In Putting Practice Mode, you can select any hole of a golf course for putting practice. You can also change pin positions and green conditions. The Fitting Mode customizes each of your clubs to your swing using the accumulated data and statistics for that club.

Your Own Practice Range Powered by Precise Analysis

The GOLFZON Driving Range makes practice fun. We also make our practice sessions smart by providing you with critical swing data that analyzes distance, trajectory, ball speed, launch angle, azimuth, and other club specific ball flight characteristics. The data you receive from the GOLFZON Driving Range system is useful and intuitive giving you important insights to help take your game to the next level!
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