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  • How do I know which session to book?
    On average, it will take one person about an hour to complete eighteen holes.
  • What are the age limits for the GOLFZON simulator?
    The GOLFZON simulator is recommended for players 12 and up. All players under 18 must be accompanied by an adult 21 years of age or older. Adults are not allowed to bring children that are not playing to their session.
  • What do I need to bring to my GOLFZON session?
    We suggest you bring your own golf clubs to your session on the GOLFZON simulator. Clubs are available to use at our facility upon request. Children’s clubs are not available. Only our own Par Golf TN golf balls available here at no cost may be used at this time. Please be sure that your shoes, clubs, and golf bag are clean before you arrive for your session.
  • Can left-handed players use the GOLFZON simulator?
    Unfortunately, our GOLFZON simulator can only accomodate right-handed players. The dimensions of our current location did not allow for the additional equipment that is required to accommodate left-handed players. We are so sorry for any inconvenience.
  • Why are left-handed golfers unable to play?
    The dimensions of our current location did not allow for the additional equipment that is required to accommodate left-handed players. We are so sorry for the inconvenience.
  • How many people can I bring to my GOLFZON appointment?
    A maximum of six people may play during a GOLFZON session. Please contact us for information on booking a session with more than six players. You are not allowed to bring any children or anyone to watch you play without advance notice.
  • Do you accept groups larger than six?
    A maximum of six people may play during a GOLFZON session. However, with advance notice we can accommodate larger groups. For groups larger than six, an additional surcharge of $30 per hour will be added. Contact us to learn more about group events, parties, and corporate events!
  • Can I purchase a GOLFZON simulator for my home?
    If you are interested in purchasing a GOLFZON simulator for your home, feel free to contact us for more information.
  • Do you need to be a member to book a session?
    No. A private membership is not required to book a session on the GOLFZON golf simulator. A private membership provides players with many benefits including an online account. The account allows players to easily sign into the simulator with a swipe of their card. The simulator will remember all of the players past scores, the courses played, and the players current handicap. A GOLFZON membership enables players to monitor their progress and allows them to review and analyze video footage of their past swings. A Private Par Golf TN GOLFZON Membership is also required to book after-hours sessions on the GOLFZON simulator. After-Hours sessions are private sessions that occur outside of regular business hours.
  • How do I become a GOLFZON member at Par Golf TN?
    Memberships will only be available for purchase in-office at Par Golf TN. To become a member, visit, create an account, book the GOLFZON Membership Session on our website, bring in your account ID and password to Par Golf TN to sync with our simulator, pay for your membership, and enjoy all the benefits of your GOLFZON Membership!
  • How do I gain access to book after-hours sessions at Par Golf TN?
    There are three requirements that must be met in order to receive access to After-Hours Sessions: 1. You must be a Private Par Golf TN GOLFZON Member and have paid the annual membership fee. Private Memberships must be purchased in our office. 2. You must have completed a session at Par Golf TN within the past 3 months. 3. You must receive permission from one of our Par Golf TN GOLFZON professionals to run the simulator at the After-Hours Sessions. To learn how to run the simulator for after-hours sessions, book the GOLFZON Membership Session on our website. Please visit our Private Membership page to learn more. After completing all the requirements listed above, players will receive an email containing a password and instructions for after-hours GOLFZON use. To enter the after-hours booking page, click the “more” option in the menu bar at the top of this website. Click GOLFZON After-Hours Booking. Enter the password and book your session. If you have completed all three steps listed above and believe you should have already received access to book after-hours sessions, please email us at
  • Does a Par Golf TN GOLFZON Membership affect session prices?
    A GOLFZON Membership does not affect session pricing. Members will still need to book and pay on our “Book an Appointment” page.
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