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Golfzon Product Video 12-11-20
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Currently, only right-handed players can use the GOLFZON indoor golf simulator.

Image by Drew Beamer


Experience Golf Like Never Before with the GOLFZON Simulator!


Step into the future of golf with the GOLFZON Simulator at Par Golf TN—a true game changer that brings the excitement of a real course right to your fingertips!

Immerse Yourself in Realism: Get ready to be amazed by the innovative Moving Swing Plate that mirrors the slopes and lies of the actual course. Feel every undulation and challenge just like you're out there on the green! Immerse yourself in stunningly realistic graphics and precise ball tracking technology. Every swing, every putt, and every drive is as authentic as if you were on the course yourself.

Four Unique Hitting Mats: From the pristine fairway to the challenging rough, and from the dreaded fairway bunker to the tricky greenside bunker, our GOLFZON Simulator offers a true-to-life experience of a real golf course. Get ready to tackle every shot with precision!

Precision Auto Tee-Up: No need to worry about setting up your shots—our GOLFZON Simulator features the Auto Tee-Up feature! It automatically collects and dispenses golf balls at adjustable tee heights, ensuring each shot is perfectly tailored to your game.

Elevate Your Skills: Practice your drives, perfect your approach shots, and master your short game in an environment that feels just like the real thing. Receive instant feedback on your swing, analyze your shots, and make game-changing adjustments. The GOLFZON Simulator is your ticket to honing your skills and taking your game to new heights!

Customize Your Experience: Adjust course conditions, wind speeds, tee placements, and more to create the perfect golfing environment tailored to your preferences.

Improve Your Game Year-Round: Rain or shine, day or night, enjoy the game you love in the comfort of our state-of-the-art facility. No more waiting for tee times—play whenever you want, with whoever you want!

Perfect Your Swing, Perfect Your Score: Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, the GOLFZON Simulator at Par Golf TN offers the perfect platform to improve your game. Practice with purpose and watch your scores drop on the course!

Unlock Your Potential: In addition to the GOLFZON simulator, we also offer golfers a new way to improve their game with MedX and the Butch Harmon Golf Fitness Program! Explore our innovative MedX spinal rehabilitation equipment, designed to enhance core strength, stability, and flexibility, or take your game further with our Butch Harmon Golf Fitness Program, focused on increasing flexibility and body rotation. Trusted by both professional and amateur golfers, these programs are your key to unlocking peak performance. Click here to learn more.

Ready to Tee Off in Style? Experience the ultimate golfing adventure with the GOLFZON Simulator at Par Golf TN. Book today and discover a whole new world of golfing excitement!

Image by Jason Dent

Take Your Game to a New Level on Golf Digest's #1 Rated Golf Simulator


The GOLFZON simulator is the world's best selling golf simulator and is the choice simulator for professional golfers around the world. GOLFZON was chosen as the 'Official Training Simulators' of the National Golf Team of Korea, China, Taiwan and Spain. With HD graphics and variable ground settings, players will experience an unmatched real-play experience for over 200 golf courses around the world.

one of the Korda sisters using the GOLFZON simulator.
Image by Courtney Cook
Image by Jason Dent

The Butch Harmon Golf Fitness Program

The Butch Harmon Golf Fitness Program utilizes MedEx equipment to improve your golf game in multiple ways. This program can improve clubhead speed, allow for a bigger and easier shoulder turn, improve posture, and create a more fluid swing. The program can also isolate and strengthen the muscles used in the golf swing while potentially decreasing fatigue and injuries.

Image by Jason Dent

MedX Strengthening Program

The MedX Strengthening Program was developed at the University of Florida Medical & Exercise Science Departments. It is the only program medically certified to strengthen the spinal muscles of the neck and low back. MedX equipment tests the strength, endurance and range of motion for each patient and allows objective monitoring of core muscle strength. The Med-X equipment has been validated by research published in over 75 peer-reviewed journals.

A woman swinging a golf club.
Image by Drew Beamer


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