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About Par Golf TN

At Par Golf TN, players can take their game to a new level on Golf Digest’s #1 rated golf simulator, GOLFZON. Enjoy the game of golf in a new way while playing over 200 world-class courses in vivid detail including St. Andrews Links, Pebble Beach, and more. GOLFZONS unique and directional Moving Swing Plate matches the actual slope and lie of the course. Three hitting mats that simulate fairway green, rough, and sand further provide the experience of a real golf course. The GOLFZON Auto Tee-Up feature automatically collects and dispenses golf balls at adjustable tee heights for each shot. The GOLFZON simulator is the world's best selling golf simulator and is the choice simulator for professional golfers around the world.


We also understand that golf enthusiasts are always striving to improve their golf game. We provide innovative, state-of-the-art equipment that helps golfers reach their goal. In addition to the GOLFZON virtual, indoor golf simulator, Par Golf TN also provides MedX spinal rehabilitation equipment that focuses on the strength, stability, flexibility, and endurance of the body’s core and the Butch Harmon Golf Fitness Program that further increases flexibility and increases body rotation. This program has already helped many area golfers, both professional and amateur. With the addition of the GOLFZON simulator, Par Golf TN will help players achieve a better golf game and allow them to enjoy the game in a completely new way.

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Take Your Game to a New Level on Golf Digest's #1 Rated Golf Simulator

The GOLFZON simulator is the world's best selling golf simulator and is the choice simulator for professional golfers around the world. GOLFZON was chosen as the 'Official Training Simulators' of the National Golf Team of Korea, China, Taiwan and Spain. With HD graphics and variable ground settings, players will experience an unmatched real-play experience for over 200 golf courses around the world.

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The Butch Harmon Golf Fitness Program

The Butch Harmon Golf Fitness Program utilizes MedEx equipment to improve your golf game in multiple ways. This program can improve clubhead speed, allow for a bigger and easier shoulder turn, improve posture, and create a more fluid swing. The program can also isolate and strengthen the muscles used in the golf swing while potentially decreasing fatigue and injuries.

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MedX Strengthening Program

The MedX Strengthening Program was developed at the University of Florida Medical & Exercise Science Departments. It is the only program medically certified to strengthen the spinal muscles of the neck and low back. MedX equipment tests the strength, endurance and range of motion for each patient and allows objective monitoring of core muscle strength. The Med-X equipment has been validated by research published in over 75 peer-reviewed journals.

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